Thursday, 19 May 2011

Silver Dollar - US Launch

We at Toque have been incredibly busy of late. The Toque brand has been quietly spreading all over the World and now we have a second brand just for the USA. Six flavours of Silver Dollar are about to hit the streets all over America and we hope it goes down, or up, as well as our own Toque brand has.

Our thanks to all the new snuff users and all our old customers for helping make Toque such an iconic brand.


Dunnyveg said...

Toque is to be commended for doing something about the nasal snuff drougth here in the States. But I wish they would sell the same line here they well elsewhere. Since I'm not partial to menthol, or five gram packages, I'm back to buying on the Internet.

I'm just not sure why Toque would think American tastes are so limited when compared to British and European tastes.

darksideofchaos said...

I Stumbled across this stuff by accident at a local store just a few weeks ago. I had never used nasal snuff, so I thought I'd give it a try. I love it! I'm totally hooked and looking to the tons of flavors i ordered off the Toque site. I had no idea that Toque made Silver Dollar until after I placed my order. That being the case, I'm sure I will LOVE every flavor I ordered. Silver Dollar is awesome, and about the only thing I can buy at a store in my area. Thanks!

Alexxxx said...

Dear Toque,

I went in the US, and I wanted try the American Dry Snuff, but it's impossible to find. But I found the Silver bullet.
So, if american snuff are going to disapper, you could try to do a snuff like the american ones.

bob said...

Hi Roderick!

I was very nearly over the moon today, after finally finding the Silver Dollar range in a (semi) local smoke shop.
Purchased the Original, Spearmint and Natural.
I've long been a fan of Toque (SP Extra is still my favourite.) So I couldn't wait to give SD a shot.
The Spearmint is spot on. It could easily take a place in the daily snuff rotation. The Original seems almost like a riff on SP for American tastes, but I do like the slight hint of sweetness it offers.
I'll try the Natural a bit later on.
All I can say now is...Nice one Roderick!

Kwaione said...

A little dry for my taste but still good! a exp. Or made date would be nice though