Thursday, 27 March 2014

ToqueUSA - Re-Released

Many are familiar with Toque but few outside America have had the chance to try ToqueUSA. ToqueUSA was created firstly for the American market and now is being rolled out world wide. In the beginning ToqueUSA flavours were the same as Toque international but, when we decided to give them to the rest of the world we didn't want to release a bunch of similar flavours that customers already had access to and so, a spell of real creative thought has gone into these "New" flavours. So far the "New" Whiskey & Honey is simply amazing. It has all the flavour of W&H and tons more. The added extra is Rustica. What a strong nicotine hit! I am unaware of any commercial snuffs containing Rustica and believe this to be a first. The second "NEW" flavour is Lime. This is another departure from the norm and is a zesty lime snuff in a Germanic Schmalzer style with a strong nicotine kick. Next and similar to the lime in that it is of Germanic style, we have a Peach snuff. This is wonderful juicy peach flavour with a hint of menthol not over powering but lightly cooling. The Creamy Chocolate is a snuff to relax in front off a blazing log fire and just unwind. Rich, smooth and velvety Just how I remember 'Smiths' ( a wonderful milk chocolate snuff) of old. More of this unusual range will be released in the coming weeks.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Toque was down but not out.

As you all probably know we were off line for 2 weeks but we're back. Frustratingly to add misery to misery not only did we get our site terminated for selling tobacco with no notice which stopped customers from buying, we got hacked! We've fixed it but, what was happening and is still happening to other sites was the B******d hackers add a code to innocent sites with a lot of traffic and redirect that traffic to sites paying them for click through. The sites think they are getting genuine customers going to their sites when all they are getting is other sites customers and they pay the con men for the number if hits they think they are getting. The con men aren't getting the redirect. We found their code and have secured it. Thankfully our site as back to normal.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Silver Dollar Launch to the rest of the World.

Toque now sells Silver Dollar, the number one selling snuff in the USA. We launched Silver Dollar in the US back in 2011 and now we are bringing Silver Dollar to the rest of the world. You can buy Silver Dollar from the Toque website or ask your tobacconist to get some in.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Stop Smoking with Snuff

We are unfortunately tied by EU laws regarding tobacco and are unable to openly talk about the health benefits and harm reduction of switching from smoking to snuff. By blogging here we can raise awareness of snuff and the potential to save lives.
Please leave a comment on stopping smoking with snuff.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Silver Dollar - US Launch

We at Toque have been incredibly busy of late. The Toque brand has been quietly spreading all over the World and now we have a second brand just for the USA. Six flavours of Silver Dollar are about to hit the streets all over America and we hope it goes down, or up, as well as our own Toque brand has.

Our thanks to all the new snuff users and all our old customers for helping make Toque such an iconic brand.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Toque is runner up in the "New Exporter of the Year 2010"

Toque is runner up in the "New Exporter of the Year 2010" at the Hilton Hotel, Newcastle on the 15th of July.

We are delighted to be the recipient of this prestigious award and would like to thank all of our customers for their help in making this possible.

I hope that doesn’t make us sound too much like a ‘Miss World’ contestant.